Hi all, today I want to show you a blast from the past. It's Gandalf the Grey in Moria, facing the fearsome Balrog. Sadly I can't show you Balrog as I never finished him :(. In my mind, I always had the idea to build a little scene, depicting both models on the bridge of Moria. Maybe one day I will realise it and maybe I will also do some more detail work on Gandalf :). See you soon...

"Call that a knife, this is a knife!" Quick post today to share with you guys a 'bonus' picture of my Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion I recently finished. I really like this shot of him crashing into the young Deathwatch Blood Claw. The action makes no sense at all. They've clashed with their smallest weapons that have the least reach. They both look like they're still running into each. It just doesn't add up. That being said, I love the symmetry of the piece. Both have two close combat weapons. Both are wearing black armour. Both are on a single foot and running. So in that regard, it just works. If you like the above picture, why not leave a comment below or follow me on instagram or Facebook

Hi all! Just wanted to present you my rendition of the new Inquisitor Greyfax model. I used some different colours in comparison to GW's paint scheme. She has sort of steampunk feel to me. What do you think about the new Triumvirate models? Have you painted one of them yet? Let us know in the comment section...

Another week has passed, and here is an update for my Skathach Wraithknight. The upper body is complete, apart from the arms and head. Notice that I didn't use the Scatter Lasers that come with the box, but the ones you find in the War Walker and Weapon Platform kit. Makes my collection a bit more cohesive. Retrofitting, so to say.

For the base I used the larger oval "Knight" base. I always felt that the oval flyer base that is supplied in the box is too small for such a large model. The broken Eldar masonry is made of a carefully cut apart 60mm base, the one that comes with War Walkers and Wraithlords. The broken arch comes from Eldrad's scenic base.

Now, onto the arms.

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